Children Home And Bored

Dated: June 2 2013

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It is hard to believe Summer is here. A lot of parents are probably already hearing " Mom or Dad I am bored." I am almost 46 years old and I know I would tell my Dad "I'm bored" in the Summer, Weekends, or Holiday Vacations if I was not at my Cousins' house or a friend's house, etc. A lot of us say "I wish they had that when I was growing up" when we see all the awesome toys that children have to choose from and electronics for pre-teens and teenagers. That being said a lot of us cannot imagine how children could be bored at home but they are so below is a great article on how Children can entertain themselves at Home and why boredom may be good for a child.
I hope this article helps Parents, Babysitters and Children. Wishing everyone a fantastic Summer.

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