Merge Baton Rouge Sheriff And City Police

Dated: May 8 2013

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When politics got messy and the City Police Union and the Mayor fired the Chief, the whole town winced. Talk began about a merger with the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff enjoys a fairly good reputation of solid law enforcement and efficiency while the City languishes about with a troubled Union and civil service rules. Not to mention a Chief, whoever it is not being able to run the department without interference. Merging the two would mean a Police Commissioner, probably elected, no union, some civil service rules and probably better use of taxpayer dollars with one unified law enforcement agency. it probably wouldn't decrease crime in the city. There's a lot of crime on the streets since Katrina and with some illegal immigrants and it's going to take a lot of boots on the ground to get it under control and keep it under control.
Until the people of Baton Rouge protest loudly that something needs to be done...MERGE?..nothing will happen. It will
take an awful lot to remove the City Police out from under control of the Mayor, and the Sheriff would never accept having to deal with a combative Union. Plus the Metro Council doesn't appear to have the stomach to put it on the ballot. Jt
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